• Greensville County High School - Academic Eligibility

    Greensville County Public Schools

    Athlete Eligibility Requirements

    Participation in interscholastic athletics at Greensville County High School is a privilege earned by the student who meets eligibility standards set by the Virginia High School League (VHSL), District, School Board, and school.  Questions pertaining to any of the following eligibility requirements should be directed to the Athletic Director.

    1. Academic - All participants shall exhibit good citizenship as well as maintain the scholastic requirement of "pass a minimum of three (3) classes per semester."  In addition, The Greensville County School Board requires that a participant have a 1.7 or better grade point average from the previous semester or as a cumulative GPA.
    2. Medical Examination - All athletes shall have on file in the Athletic Director's office a completed VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physician's Certificate form for the current year.
    3. Insurance - All participants, including managers and student trainer, must be protected by school insurance or have personal insurance that will cover any athletic injury.
    4. Attendance Requirement - All participants must be in school for half of the school day (2 blocks) before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest, practice, or conditioning program that day or evening.
    5. Out-of-School Suspension and In-School-Suspension - Any participant given suspension will be ineligible during the suspension and may be disciplined further by the Principal, Athletic Director, or the coach by temporary or permanent suspension from the team.