Meetings of the Commission

  • April 19, 2018:

    The Advisory Commission on Student Success met on April 19, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Library/Media Center of Greensville County High School.  Mrs. Janey Bush, representative for the School Board, welcomed members of the Commission and thanked them for their service.

    The Superintendent and School Board Representative provided an update on feedback received from the Division Level Review conducted by the Virginia Department of Education, and an explanation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greensville County School Board and the Virginia Department of Education. Collaboration with staff from the Virginia Department of Education to develop the Corrective Action Plan to support the MOU will begin after July 1st.

    An overview of the Commonwealth’s new school accreditation process was provided. The new process includes multiple criteria for determining school accreditation status, and incorporates students’ academic growth and schools’ progress in determining accreditation status. Data from the 2017-18 school year will be used to determine school accreditation status for 2018-19.

    An update on school safety and security was provided. Recent initiatives include installation of electronic door locks for controlled access at the last of the four schools, security audit of facilities, and additional training and drills.  

    Members of the Commission gathered in small groups to discuss strategies to engage more parents as partners in their children’s success.  Discussions were focused on engaging parents to support improvement in academic achievement, student conduct, and school attendance. The dialog produced ideas for short and long term projects and strategies school personnel can employ to help.


    November 9, 2017:

    The Greensville County Public Schools Advisory Commission on Student Success met on November 9, 2017, to hear the latest updates on the school system’s progress toward improving student achievement.

    The 35-member Commission was launched in Spring 2017 to advise and assist the Superintendent and School Board in fulfilling the mandate to successfully educate the children and youth of Greensville County and Emporia. In June, after studying the issues facing GCPS, the Commission made several recommendations to guide the school division in increasing student achievement.

    At its November meeting, the Commission received an update on several areas, including Security, Safety and Student Discipline; Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Training; and Support for Classroom Instruction That Increases Student Achievement.

    In addition, the members heard an update from a representative from the Virginia Department of Education on the upcoming division-level review that will identify areas needing extra support, attention, and resources.

    The Commission is scheduled to reconvene in February to hear the next update on the work being done to increase student achievement and the recommended improvement plan from the Virginia Department of Education. Meetings of the Advisory Commission on Student Success are open for the public to attend. For additional information about the Advisory Commission, visit

    Advisory Council on Student Success - Nov. 9, 2017

    Update on the Advisory Commission:

    During the three meetings held last spring, members of the Advisory Commission on Student Success were committed to fulfilling the goals of understanding the needs, engaging in meaningful dialog, and making recommendations for improvement in key areas. Four primary recommendations came forth from the Commission’s work last spring.

    The Commission recommended that the school division

    1. Conduct a comprehensive strategic planning process;

    2. Continue work in the areas of safety, security, supervision, and student discipline;

    3. Implement systemic literacy instructional services that move student achievement forward; and

    4. Strengthen the system for early academic intervention to address needs of students who do not master required grade level skills.

    Most members of the Commission agreed to continue to serve during the 2017 - 18 school year. A meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks for school leaders to report on progress and for Commission Members to continue the conversations that promote continued improvement in the areas identified. Meetings of the Advisory Commission on Student Success are publicly announced and open for the public to attend.  

    May 25, 2017:

    This first meeting of the Advisory Commission on Student Success was held in the Greensville County High School Media Center on May 25, 2017. Mrs. Janey Bush, School Board member, welcomed the members of the Commission.

    Dr. Angela Wilson, Superintendent of Schools, introduced the facilitator, Ms. Barbara Hunter. Ms. Hunter is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Communications and Community Outreach, for Fairfax county Public Schools. Ms. Hunter has also served as the Director of Communications in Alexandria City Public Schools and for the National Schools Boards Association.

    Ms. Hunter provided the group with an overview of the purpose of the Commission and provided the plan for the initial meeting. She led the group through introductions.

    Three panels of staff and school partners provided information for the Commission.

    • The School Safety and Security panel provided the group with information on the current initiatives being undertaken in the schools to provide safety and security to all students and staff. Current practices and future plans were shared with the group.
    • The Academic Achievement panel shared the current successes and challenges in each school as well as an overview of practices in Gifted Education, Special Education, and Testing.
    • The Student Services panel provided information on the intervention services available to students in our school system.   These services provide a variety of resources to students in need of counseling or intervention.

    After each panels’ presentation, time was provided for questions and comments.

    Ms. Hunter provided the group with an overview of the next meeting’s focus and the group was adjourned. The next meeting will be held June 15, 2017, 5:30-7:00 in the Greensville County High School Media Center.