• Greensville County Schools Holds First Education Summit

    On Saturday, September 30 th , Greensville County Public Schools hosted its first Education Summit at Greensville Elementary School. The purpose of the gathering was to provide information and to engage parents and community members in dialog about issues relevant to student success during the new school year. Participants were welcomed by Ms. Marva J. Dunn, Vice Chairman of the School Board; and the Honorable Roslyn C. Tyler, Representative of the
    75 th District, Virginia House of Delegates.  The event featured an informative and inspiring message by National Education Consultant, Dr. John Draper.  Dr. Draper’s message, Crucial Conversation about America’s Public Schools, cited and dispelled myths about public education with research, examples, and engaging stories. 

    Following the Opening Session, participants chose two 30-minute small group sessions on topics of interest, including Enhancing Early Literacy Skills, presented by Ms. Rhonda Lee of SMART Beginnings; Empowering Dads for Effective Engagement, by Ms. Tina Norris, Family Engagement Specialist with The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center; Supporting Students in Need of Stable Housing, with Dr. Patricia Popp, State Coordinator for Education of Homeless Children and Youth in Virginia; and Pathways to SVCC through the Eagle Scholarship, by Mrs. Bernadette Battle, SVCC Director of Counseling.  Dr. Draper conducted a special session with school and community leaders to continue the conversation about how schools and communities can work together to support children and youth.

    Children of Summit participants enjoyed activities, crafting, and snacks in the supervised Child Care Area. They also learned about safety with electricity during an interactive and engaging presentation of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s Safety Town, provided by David Lipscomb, Vice President of Member and Energy Services. Every child left the gathering with projects they created and a special gift from Mecklenburg Electric.  The event concluded with opportunity for participants to visit the Resource Area, where they gathered information and resources; and interacted with school and community representatives to get fresh ideas for how to assist and support students throughout the school year. Representatives of the Center for Family Involvement, Family to Family Network, local law enforcement, Department of Social Services, Richardson Memorial Library, The Improvement Association,
    and numerous other child advocacy organizations joined school personnel in sharing ideas and information.

    School officials express appreciation to all presenters and participants. The Education Summit was made possible for parents and residents through federal family engagement funds.