Intervention Specialist

  • The Intervention Specialist proactively promotes students' success in school by providing intervention, redirection, and support for students in need of assistance in managing their conduct, attendance, and interpersonal interactions.


    The Intervention Specialist focuses on student success by:

    • Focusing on maintenance of student conduct and school wide discipline;

    • Providing assistance for teachers with classroom management concerns;

    • Proactively addressing student conduct, attendance, and interpersonal concerns; providing and monitoring interventions for long-term improvements;

    • Involving and communicating with parents on an ongoing basis;

    • Coordinating staff and agency support services for students as needed;

    • Using data to monitor student progress and adjust interventions as needed;

    • Conducting investigations for resolution of disciplinary infractions in school and on the school bus; 

    • Providing assistance and support for effective operation of In School Suspension, Intensive Day School, and School After School programs;

    • Providing assistance in effective implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS);

    • Conducting conferences with students, parents and teachers to address student related matters;

    • Assisting with general supervision throughout the school and during schoolwide events;

    • Incorporate restorative practices and student-led conferencing to empower students in decision making accountability and self-advocacy.

Takesha High, Intervention Specialist
  • Intervention Specialist

    Takesha High;