GCPS Professional Development Academy

GCPS Professional Development Academy - Learning in all directions
  • Purpose:  To provide an additional option for high quality, accessible professional development to all staff.

    Process:  Two modes of professional development are available through the Professional Development Academy.

      1. Face-to-face:  Staff will use the professional development calendar to sign up for professional development opportunities.
      2. Web Based:  Staff will use the Web Training Tab to choose professional development on web based strategies to be used with students.  Upon completion of the training, classroom component, and reflection, staff will be awarded professional development points.


  • Procedure:  

    For Face to Face Training:

        1.  Check the Professional Development Calendar for offerings.
        2.  Click on the calendar event for more information and to sign up for the session.
        3.  Sessions of less than 5 persons will be rescheduled to another time.
        4.  If the session fills, you will be able to sign up for the waiting list.
        5.  If you have signed up for a session and must cancel, please do so through the event on the professional development calendar.  This will allow someone from the waiting list to be assigned to the session.  


    For Web-Based Training:

        1.  Click on the icon of interest to you.
        2.  Read all the information and watch the video if provided.
        3.  Plan and execute a lesson for one of your groups of students using what was learned in the training.
        4.  Reflect on that lesson using the parameters given on our blog page. (link it here)
        5.  A badge will be issued to you from the technology department.



    At the end of each year, participants will be awarded for their participation in the Professional Development Academy throughout the school year.  The rewards will be as follows:

    Bronze Level:  Participants who earn 5-9 PDA points

    Silver Level:  Participants who earn 10-14 PDA points

    Gold Level:  Participants who earn 15-19 PDA points

    Platinum Level:  Participants who earn 20 PDA points or more