Instructional Technology Training Request

  • Some Training suggestions have been listed on the right side of the page. You will need to type in which training you would like when you sign up for the date and time on the calendar.  These are set up for 60 minute sessions.  The time is not mandate, it can be shorter or longer, you can add that to the comments.


    You will receive a confirmation email. You can sign up for sessions at any time prior to the session.  Specific training requests must be made at least 2 days in advance. if you find there is a conflict for a scheduled training, please cancel 24 hours prior to training if possible.  There is a cancellation option on the email that you will be sent.

  •  Training suggestions:

    1. eSchool

    2. Google Classroom

    3. Power School

    4. Interactive Projector

    5. Talent Ed

    6. Class Flow / Interactive Projector

    7. Star

    8. Study Island

    9. Write in a choice not listed




    Once you open the new site, you will first pick a date and time.  The next screen allows you to put your information in.  IMPORTANT: Type in your choice of training, type in the comments any special time or information you need to share.


     Click the link below for your

    choice of training.


    Training Calendar