• GCPS Online Etiquette

    The rules for online learning and classroom learning are virtually the same: You have to study, take notes, attend classes and participate in class discussions. How do you express yourself online when what you type is all they see? Now that learning is done in virtual classrooms you will be asked to participate. Here are some online rules of etiquette to help you communicate effectively and safely.


    hmmm Make sure identification is clear in all communications. (Address the person you are speaking to, “Sarah, I think your answer is a good one. I agree.” That way there is no mistake who you are talking to.


    blob Review what you wrote and try to think about it from the other person’s point of view. In writing, we do not have the benefit of modifying what we say in real time or rephrasing what we say. Don’t use things like, All caps (“I’M SHOUTING”) and exclamation points (“Give me a break!!!”). These things can be interpreted as anger or humor that is not interpreted correctly. Don’t assume everyone knows where you are coming from. 


    no bully If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t say it online. When you’re working online, you’re safe behind a screen, but that’s no excuse to be ill-mannered or say things you would never say in public.


    mote Use emoticons. In chat room settings, emoticons can help convey feelings that may otherwise get lost in translation, including humor, exasperation, exhaustion and even confusion.


    lock Remember, if it’s on the internet, it’s everywhere! Don’t share personal information about yourself in a public online forum, especially something that could put your safety or security at risk. Respect others’ privacy as well. Don’t give out another student’s email address or other information that could put them at risk.

  • Student Email

     All students grade K-12 have email.

     Below find the formatting and instructions.

     Click here to go to GMAIL.




    For example:



    The limit for characters is 20, including the "." before the @ sign.

    If the characters exceed 20, the last name is truncated.

    For example:

    Student12.LastName2020@gcps1.com becomes Student12.LastNa2020@gcps1.com


    When you log in for the first time, you will have to agree to the Terms of Service before going to your inbox.

    If you can not get in let your teacher know.

  • Google Classroom


     Click here for Student Quick Guide on how to join Google Classroom.

     Click here to go to Google Classroom and join your teacher's class using the code provided.

    You will have to be logged into your gcps email to join a class.


    * If you still are not able to get in, try these things:

    • Sign out of all accounts 

    • Return to classroom.google.com and log into only the account you want to join the classroom with

    • Enter the code, being careful to ensure you are not mixing up similar characters (O for 0, for example)

    • Make sure there are no extra spaces before the code

    • Copy the link and paste it into an incognito window

            (In the Google Browser, press CTRL, Shift, N or the 3 dots on the right and go to New Icognito Window)

  • Google Meet


    Click here for a student and parent quick video guide to access Google Meet/Hangouts.

  • Zoom


    Click here for a short parent and student video guide for joining Zoom.

    Note: You will not be able to chat, show video or unmute if the teacher has turned those options off.

    The teacher can control those options for discussion.

    The Zoom Client can be downloaded on the Chromebooks. 

  • Student Chromebook Issues


    If a student is having issues with their chromebook, they are to send an email with their student number, detailed description

    of the problem and a contact number where we can reach them to gcpshelpdesk@gcps1.com.