• The Department of Instruction focuses on all areas of teaching and learningWe work to facilitate curriculum and programs that support the development of the profile of a Virginia graduate to keep our students learning and progressing throughout their educational experience at Greensville County Public Schools.    

    Our purpose is to lead teaching and learning processes and practices that support and strengthen tier 1 planning and delivery through effective resources, meaningful reflection, quality professional development and intentional inclusion of every learner in grades preK-12. Our goal is to inspire teachers and students through division-wide literacy efforts across all contents towards accreditation for the 21-22 school year.   


    The Department of Instruction 


    Yardley Farquharson

    Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (Elementary)

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) yfarquharson@gcps1.com


    Wayne D. Scott

    Associate Superintendent of Instruction (Secondary)

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) wscott@gcps1.com


     Vanita Mason

    Director of Instructional Services for English (Elementary), History (Elementary), & Library Services

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) vmason@gcps1.com


    Michele Stallings

    Director of Instructional Services for Math and Science (Elementary)

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) mstallings@gcps1.com


    Erica Smith

    Coordinator of Secondary Math

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) edsmith@gcps1.com


    Mary Phelps

    Coordinator of Secondary English Language Arts and Teacher Mentor Program

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) mphelps@gcps1.com



    Emily Jarratt

    Coordinator of Secondary Science

    (P) 434-634-3748

    (E) ejarratt@gcps1.com


    Hector Yanez

    EL Instructor, Elementary Level (EC-5)

    (P) 434-336-0907

    (E) hyanez@gcps1.com


    Teri Brilhart-Jones

    EL Instructor, Upper Level (6-12)

    (P) 434-634-2195

    (E) tbrilhart@gcps1.com


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