• Welcome to the library.  I’m your librarian, Ms Balogun, and I hope to see you very often.  Every student will visit the library at least once a week to choose books for informative and recreational reading.  In addition you will:

    • Learn and apply research and information literacy skills
    • Learn how libraries are organized 
    • Participate in hands-on and project-based learning activities
    • And hopefully, develop a love of books and reading that will last a lifetime!

    Our library is a vibrant, interactive learning environment.  We create multimedia projects as extensions of classroom learning, access both print and online resources for research, engage in discussions using computers, books, and our writing skills, and use the online catalog to find books for fun and for learning purposes.  Library clubs, new book selections, and special events keep students reading and loving it!

    So stop by the library and “check us out."


    Library books