• Superintendent’s Message


    Dear Students and Parents:


    Welcome to a new school year!


    An important first step toward effective learning and a productive school year

    is proper management of student behavior. This document outlines the

    expectations and responsibilities for student conduct in schools.


    Our goal is to provide an environment that supports high quality learning

    experiences for all students. Adhering to these student conduct standards will

    enable all students to enjoy a safe, orderly, and positive environment for



    Parents, please review the Standards of Student Conduct, and discuss its

    contents with your children. Teachers and administrators will review the

    Standards with students during the opening days of the school year.


    As you have questions or require additional information, please contact the

    Principal at your child’s school. We are committed to working together to

    promote positive learning experiences for all students in Greensville County

    Public Schools.



    Dr. Angela Wilson's Signature

    Angela B Wilson, Ph.D. Division Superintendent