• Integrity

    Students are expected to perform honestly through the production of their own work and the demonstration of respect for the belongings of others.

    The following acts are prohibited:

      1. Cheating includes the actual giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance or the actual giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work.
      2. Plagiarism includes the copying of the language, structure, idea, and/or thought of another and representing it as one’s own original work.
      3. Falsification includes the verbal or written statement of any untruth, including the production of forgery or use of forged writing.
      4. Stealing includes acquiring another’s possessions without right or The possession of stolen property is considered theft.
      5. Attempts toward completion of any act described above would constitute a violation and may be punishable to the same extent as if the attempted act had been completed.
      6. Unauthorized use of technology and information gained through its use without permission is prohibited.
      7. Acceptable Use of Computers: Students shall abide by the Greensville County School Division’s Acceptable Computer Use Policy and Regulation.
      8. Gambling:  A student shall not bet money or other things of value, or knowingly play or participate in any game involving such a bet, on school property or during any school related activity.

    Recommended Dispositions - one or more may apply

    Student Conference

    Parent Contact

    Conference with Parent Detention

    In-School Suspension (ISS)

    Loss of privileges, including access to the School Division’s computer system Alternative School Program


    Law Enforcement Agencies Notified Court Referral


    Recommendation for Expulsion to the School Board