• Student Transportation

    Proper behavior is required to, from, and at bus stops and while riding the bus to assure that the rights of others are respected.

         A.  The School Bus

    School bus transportation is provided for all Greensville students.  This service exists for elementary, middle and high school students to and from school, instructional field trips, athletic trips, as well as transportation from base schools to locations where specialized educational programs are available. Parents are expected to accompany their children to bus stops in the morning and meet them in the afternoon.

    It is important to know that riding a school bus is a privilege. Students who do not behave on the school bus will be reported to the Principal and may have the privilege of riding revoked for a specified time or permanently.  In such cases, the parents of the student become responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school safely.  The Driver of the bus has the authority to, and the responsibility for, maintaining order and providing a safe environment.  When the Driver requires assistance to resolve a potentially harmful situation on the bus, the schools served by the Driver will render assistance.

          B.  Motor Vehicle Driver

    Motorized vehicles of any type are not permitted as means of transportation to and from school when driven by students enrolled in the elementary or middle schools of Greensville County.  High school students who meet the requirements and accept the responsibilities of driving private automobiles to school are permitted to do so.  This entitlement depends upon the student's willingness to follow the parking and auto usage regulations as prescribed by the high school.  Failure to adhere to these regulations could result in forfeiture of the privilege of parking a motor vehicle on school property or, in the case of a parking violation, having one's vehicle towed from the premises at the operator's expense.

         C.  Walkers

    Students in elementary, middle, and high schools who walk to school are required to arrive promptly at school.  Parents are encouraged to identify and assist in the choice of a safe route.  Student walkers are prohibited from violating the property rights of others including homeowners, apartment dwellers, and businesses on their way to or from school.  Walkers include students going to and from home or to and from bus stops.


    Recommended Disposition - one or more may apply

    Student Conference

    Parent Contact

    Conference with Parent Detention

    Alternative School Program Suspension

    In School Suspension (ISS)

    Restricted use or loss of transportation privilege

    Law Enforcement Agencies Notified

    Court Referral


    Recommended Expulsion to the School Board