• Trespassing

    Students, patrons, and school personnel are expected to have the appropriate authorization to be on School Board property.

    1. Any student who has been suspended from attendance may be considered a trespasser if he/she appears on any Greensville County Public Schools property during the suspension period.
    2. Students who arrive at school before school opens or remain after the close of their school day without specific need or appropriate supervision may be considered trespassers.
    3. Any student who is requested by an administrator to leave school property is expected to do so Failure to do so may be considered trespassing.
    4. No student or other person may attend or visit a Greensville County school as a guest during the regular school day without authorization from the school’s administration.


    Recommended Dispositions - one or more may apply

    Student Conference

    Parent Contact

    Conference with Parent

    In-School Suspension (ISS)

    Law Enforcement Agencies Notified

    Court Referral


    Recommendation for Expulsion to the School Board